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  Career Placement

Dedication Leads to Success

Our talent experts are dedicated to supporting our candidates find positions with companies that the will prosper in. We focus on assisting you to find a fitting position where you are professionally rewarded for doing what you love to do. To make this a reality, our talent experts initiate the process by conducting in-office interviews with each new candidate. At this juncture we are looking to learn about your personal and professional motivations, because both must be attended to in order to achieve ultimate career fulfillment.

Each one of our consultant teams combines 15+ years of experience working directly within the industry that they represent. This means that the team who represents you has intelligent insider expertise of your area of focus.

With this capability, we take into account the specialized needs of the specific industry, the market trends that are influencing its future, and the unique interests of the specific companies that are looking for new talent. It is this inside track, combined with our ardent understanding of your skills, concentrations, and aspirations, which allows us to be a conduit in identifying and connecting you with your perfect career match.

When you work with Intelatek, we occasionally touch base with you to see how it’s going and get an update on any new skills, promotions or other goals you’ve accomplished. This allows us to continue working on your behalf as new opportunities arise. As partners we will continuously work to move your career forward towards a more fulfilling future.