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 Recruitment Process

Methods With Results

Our recruitment process is a systematic journey through which companies get to identify, attract, select and secure the finest talent in the marketplace. It’s a laborious process and one that frequently results in frustration if the candidate or company’s expectations are not met. Even if the efforts are the most thorough, the recruiting process results in a substantial amount of guesswork by candidates and companies. Unfortunately often times an employee’s failure to triumph in a new position is due to the outcome of misinformation or misunderstanding during this preliminary stage.

Intelatek’s role is to bridge the gap between candidates and companies and to take the guessing game out of the staffing process. Because we aim to succeed, we seek to gain a deep understanding of the motivators and characteristics of our companies and candidates alike, so that each sensibly elected position that we endorse to you is likely to be a precise match.

Let us help you distinguish when it’s worth it to hammer down on your efforts, and when it’s better to pass. It’s a more effective way of looking for a job. Our candidate and clients will be the first to testify that our process works. We provide a multitude of resources and support to assure that your dream role is a partnership away from becoming reality.