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  Staffing Solutions


At Intelatek, we recognize that no two candidate searches are the same; not even for the same client.

It is for this reason that we customize our search procedure to suit each distinctive client need. From Fortune 500 companies to growing startups and from executive positions to local freelance openings, our placement specialists are well versed in the scope of staffing needs.

In addition to providing flexible staffing solutions, our team of placement specialistsfrequently acts as a strategic advisor on job market trends. Intelatek’slong termmethod to relationship-building gives us a greater understanding of your business goals and complete organizational makeup. This comprehension, combinedwith our expert knowledge of each industry we represent, allows us to help you determine what your exact staffing need is, prior to setting out to place the professional.

Direct Hire

Employing a successful full time professional can be a formidable task. Even with a thorough recruiting effort, the hiring process can result in an uncomfortable amount of guesswork for both employers and candidates. Additionally, hiring a full time employee frequentlyentails a substantial investment of time and money on behalf of the company. Making that investment a true success is something that we take very seriously; we understand that our clients deserve their return on investment.

Intelatek’s proactive staffing solutions support you through eliminating the guesswork and makingwell-informed hiring decisions. We take the same long-termmethod to building relationships with our candidates as well as our clients. We understand that a successful match is about finding the right individual for the position, so we prudently consider an all-inclusiveassessment of our candidates before they are ever introduced to you.

Temporary and Contract-to-Hire

If you need talent quickly you should not settle for just any candidate. Whether you’re pursuing temporary talent with an advanced degree, a specialty set of skills, or merely a positive, can-do attitude, you can trust that we’ll discover the precise candidate for the job. We will alsoassure they’re furnished with a strong understanding of the company culture which will help them acclimate from day one and promptly create a valuable impact.

Job Consultancy

As a leader in employment consultancy, Intelatek goes above and beyond to perform as a true extension of your company. We accomplish this by building long-term relationships with each client, so that instead of placing professionals on a case-by-case basis, we act as a strategic partner in solving business problems and achieving long-term growth.

This distinctive approach to client services means that our highly accomplished team of experts is reliably working to support you. Whether we’re sourcing talent, thoroughly screening candidates or working to augment our ever-growing network of job seekers, Intelatek is committed to propelling your business onward.

Our Methodology

A standard day at Intelatek startsby connecting with a client over a cup of coffee to converseon future strategy and the theoretical staffing challenges they face in attaining their objective. After closing out on our meeting we willimplement an hands-on executive search of a highly specialized, highly confidential nature. Then we will afford some carefully designated candidate options to fill a time-sensitive, temporary need.

We alsospend a lot of time with our consistently growing network of industry-leading talent to guarantee that we understand our candidates on a professional level and on a personal level. Intelatek conducts in-person interviews and believe this relationship building is fundamental to making a successful match.

Through out the week, and after the close of business we partake in networking events or professional assemblies; our team is committed to staying engaged with the always-changing progression the technology talent market.